Fire Pit Idea From A Family Restaurant

When you think of a family restaurant you usually picture things that are usually grandma’s or something similar. Well, this one is nothing like that. It is a quite simple project, an example of a family restaurant. Notice the simple, clean lines. This is actually a fireplace. Fireplaces are great in the family. They are a central piece in the family and a great feature that allows everyone to have a place to put their drinks and enjoy a nice cup of coffee while also being close to the coffee table.

This fire pit was designed and built by Crosson Clarke Carnachan. This is a wood fireplace with a similar look. The fireplace is placed in between two chairs that is basically the same structure, with a wooden structure and a stone look, but with different details and ornamentation. The design of this fireplace is so simple and yet so good-looking. The chair is the detail that makes this item unique and because it’s so simple, because of the fireplaces around it, people can consider this a real success, like a family tradition.

This fireplace also features wheels by Mark Anderson and it basically lets you see the atmosphere of the family living in the old English mansions from the 1800s. The fireplace is available from the Amazon and French online stores for items ranging from small scale to extravagant.

Fire Pit Idea From A Family Restaurant Photo 3

Fire Pit Idea From A Family Restaurant Photo 4

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