Decorative Wallboard By Emma Fiorido Quarzalco

F Fiorido and her team at the Fashion Institute Taijin Art Gallery created a vanity cabinet called Love. It’s not meant to be just used for storage or display purposes so rather than think of it as a very beautiful and useful piece of furniture you could include in your bathroom. The vanity could be a very practical addition to your home. The unit is inspired by the designs of the two beautiful horses captured in the cartoon “ bull, bather, or two horses.” It’s a very interesting and surprising collection of furniture elements.

The inspiration for the design of this vanity cabinet was a Chinese paper xing. The designer created a series of pieces that have not been used for long period of time and that have been re-released. They are simple and traditional but have a strong point. That’s because they were inspired by the Saranin Empire consisting of four stages of stages from initial to the final stage. The bottles are made from red clay, sandblasted and lacquered and each represent a piece of history.

Decorative Wallboard By Emma Fiorido Quarzalco Photo 3

The steps are created from solid walnut and that is why the collection features these innovative raving wooden pieces. They are made by hand using the 16th century woodworking methods and the process of woodworking for further customization. The wood can be lacquered in lighter or darker finishes and the process of creating them is stopped with the addition of a pail that is molded in place. The process is finished with time. The drawer is disguised by a colored epoxy coating and the frame is sleek and minimalist. The set is stylish and extremely functional.

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