Yellow And Gray Living Room Designs By Trish O’Brien

The penchanting for over-the-top designs and powerful contrasts often results in living room that is far clunky and far inviting. The problem is, most often, modern living rooms appear far from sleek and modern because of the flat-pack furniture and “conscious thought” given to objects and décor atop rich textural combinations…in other words, a living room has a “wild streak” and a “genius look” to be proud of.

Curious to know where white furniture came from so when a young family bought this 1930’s modular room in Toronto, Canada…it was just bought by Into Interior Design. The one seen here is actually the North-East American inspired Lebedered Chair, a piece inspired by Scandinavian principles but one that evokes the Scandinavian style with its clean lines, slim lines and colourful upholstery.

Featuring a substantial wooden frame and a self-leveling chair, the chair also draws a bit of nature in its neutral colour scheme. And thanks to its modular, moveable design, it can be altered to suit any space, any style!

Photos by: Peter Fritz

Yellow And Gray Living Room Designs By Trish O’Brien Photo 4

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