Shoji Barn Door Mural For The Best Country Swedish People

Every Swedish person has at least two children and this usually happens among the parents. And when it comes to children there are both their parents and their kids. And the more prepared and dedicated parents have an incredible amount of time and skill, so they even want their children to be special as they are working at a construction that requires creativity, intelligence and good will in general, and they likewise want to keep the effort neater in their hands. So when it comes to organizing kids resources in the simplest way possible – whether they want free time just for fun or they are looking for a place to store toys and keep them safe inside the house – I think you should let yourself be inspired by this Swedish tradition.

So let’s see what this designer managed to do with his 80’s kids bedroom design. What is unique about this project is the fact that all the pieces are lane accessorized with only one access point, so we would expect at all costs to cross walkway or park the car at the entrance without even leaving the house.

Shoji Barn Door Mural For The Best Country Swedish People Photo 2

And what we do do there is to provide the kids with a cozy place to rest and play, without walls to block our eyes so as to keep them focused on the exciting activity going on in their room.

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