Modern Bathroom Door Stoppers By Antonio Citterio

Be it modern or old and new, classic or contemporary, a door drop stopper can sure be a great addition to any bathroom. Antonio Citterio presents us a selection of elegant bathroom doors set in classic designs. The ones we have just showed you here are shown here but they can be adapted to suit other decors as well. So if you prefer something modern and fresh look for your bathroom, you can choose some matching stoppers.

Bergmeisterwolf designed a set of elegant doors that all look very interesting. They are great for any bathroom. They are made with a coating of stainless steel and a lovely choice of colour and material. For an even more surprising and stylish look the door drops grey since it has a white-painted finish.Available for $36.

If, on the contrary, you prefer something more striking and colorful, check out the experimental door design from LiveCor?s online shop. It features a tufted design and a glossy finish. Both doors are pretty sleek and elegant. Working together, doors and a counter are often used together.

Modern Bathroom Door Stoppers By Antonio Citterio Photo 4

For minimalist and tapered bathrooms, the floor might need some attention as well. Check out the new Baddoor Baddoor collection by Farinelli, with beautiful colors, modern forms and materials and beautifully-balanced proportions. Add some floor-mounted faucets, a bathroom sink or a modern vanity and you’ll get the image of the modern master bedroom.

You can do something practical and also interesting by combining two distinct zones, like the bedroom and the bathroom. The bed and the bathtub share a space and occupy the lower level. Window treatments offer a little privacy but allow you to feel closer to nature.{found on mergesthomes}.

The doors and windows basically occupy the same amount of space so it’s important to pay attention to the little details. As you can see here, sliding doors can be quite practical although I wouldn’t recommend too much. Just keep them sliding around in order to prevent bumping into furniture or cabinets.{found on austinoutloydinteriors}.

The door doesn’t always feature the standard three-part bubble. Actually, most decorators dare you to use it as it is. If it breaks it will just fall on the floor. In any case, fold the door to get a neat look and keep it close to the walls.{found on wellingconstruction}.

by Ianadi

Keep it one solid wall behind the tub for two such doors with sliding glass panels on either side. Double the doors and you get two zones that look like a large warehouse at first look. Four smaller ones at the bottom.{found on turettarch}.

Another possibility is to link up the shower and the tub and to create a double box with one big space above. The tub and the steam room as a whole can be one and the same. The steam pleasant hidden above the tub.

And then there’s also a third option: to build an entire wall for the tub. Just see how that looks like. If you’re smart, hide the bathroom behind a curtain and only leave the wall open, as this also has enough space between the tub and the sink.

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