Small Modern Kitchen Ideas

When renovating or decorating a kitchen you have to be extra careful because you don’t want the place to look crowded and messy because it will look awkward in the first place. The key is to choose small kitchens especially for the families that want to live alone and not large enough for an big family. The modern kitchen offers plenty of storage space, clean and simple appliances to help you save space and money.

Many modern kitchens have appliances but little things are added in the designs that serve different functions. For example this dining table has an incorporated sink and table in the front, perfect for a big family. The kitchen chairs are round and cozy and the whole room is elegant in a simple and living room.

Another modern kitchen design is this one. It’s part of an open floor plan and the kitchen has an incorporated sink as well as plenty of space for prepping and cooking. The whole room has clean lines and an overall modern and fresh look. The combination of stainless steel appliances and brushed stainless steel seats is elegant and goes well with the white furniture.{pictures by Mickey}.

Small Modern Kitchen Ideas Photo 3

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