Modern Italian Architecture Byanu Palma Studio

This chic and modern construction is located in Rome, Italy. It was completed in 2010 and it has a very distinctive design. The main idea behind this project was to come up with a design that features modern and chic architecture but that also has another style. The result was this minimalist, contemporary look. It’s a very successful result.

The villa was designed by Maurizio Cattle Photography for clients that wanted to feel like homeowners in an exotic place that brings them away from the city jungle. The architecture is very simple but the effect is impressive. The building has huge open spaces where living and dining are very much common. The villa has a very minimalist look and the rooms are furnished with mid-century pieces while some of the classic pieces are used for the children’s playroom. The decoration is very minimalistic in terms of design and colors.

The villa features very many unique features such as the giant painting displayed on the walls or the rare caselies that are meaningful to the clients. The artwork was made by careful planning and also bought with enthusiasm by the owners. The result after all is an eclectic mixture of traditional and modern elements.{found on home-designing}.

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