Stair With Slide And Unobstructed Stairs In Bright And Bold Fukuyama

This impressive apartment is located in Fukuyama, Fukuyama City, Hyogo, Japan and it features an amazing staircase that takes center stage in the design. The apartment is dubbed “the stair with the sky”. It’s an interesting and refreshing idea. The exterior and the interior of the apartment are all inspired by an extremely beautiful abstract painting that hangs on the wall in the living room.

The exterior is quite simple as well as it’s an example of modern architecture. The walls are white throughout and all the wooden elements add warmth to the décor. The apartment is structured, very Artsy. It features exposed wooden beams with a dark stained finish and columns that have been used as railings. The rooms are large and airy and they have a décor according to the user’s needs. The stair’s handrail is very useful and also very efficient.

The apartment somehow looks very natural, despite its size and even though it’s tiny. It could be used as a work space but also as a bedroom and it could function as a great relaxation space for relaxation moments. That’s all due to the interior design. It’s simple, neutral and bright and it matched the décor perfectly. Moreover, it integrates naturally into the décor.{found on apartmenttherapy}.

Stair With Slide And Unobstructed Stairs In Bright And Bold Fukuyama Photo 3

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