Hardwood Flooring Pictures In Homes Throughout The World

Blending classical and modern elements, the world’s largest collection of contemporary and vintage furniture is the Marea flooring from Italy. In a selection of minimalist design, Marea is made using only the finest materials in order to create a unique and sophisticated piece that has neither a nugget nor a drip close to the furniture. In this collection, Marea resembles a natural stone laid on a regular ground. The unique aspect is that the flooring is available in many different colors and textures.

Marea is perfect for minimalist interiors. It looks like a natural counterpart to plainer pieces of furniture. Besides the charm it offers, Marea is also a very comfortable and handy piece. If you prefer a more modern design, there are also some other good options for you. You can choose from the Chesterfield sofa and ottoman, as well as the Chesterfield bin. Moreover, Marea is available in upholstery fabrics and colors.Available on request.

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