Cost To Build Modern Home In El Totavita By Derivechi

After some initial explorations and sketches the year came to a piece of land with a great view of the Pacific Ocean that defines the perfect location for such an eco-friendly project. The team of the Yolo Story decided to build a home for its client in El Totavita just above the corner plot of a traditional Elvede village. Using a highly sustainable small budget to free up space during construction, the team was able to use some of the leftover materials from the process and some of the solutions as a construction method.

The house is located on a lot with a standard dam that consists of dunes. The water is from the adjacent lake but does not reach it directly, thus the design. In this location, it takes advantage of the beauty of the forest by being built with the consistencies in mind. The client’s strongly economic + aesthetic vision allows the construction to retain a simple material life andwing. The wooden construction is able to accommodate a family with two children.

Using the wooden construction and cement in a combination in both places helped to create comfort in the same time. Other features that were worth adding in the way are the high density glass facade that allows the view of the surroundings to the entire urban space, and the integration of the internal and external areas inside the El Totavita building. (found on contemporist)

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