Modern Black And White Kitchens By Italian Company Pelotta

This is the new kitchen designed by Cassina, an Italian design company. Snaidero is the company that designed the interior of this fabulous kitchen. The amazing thing about this kitchen is that isn’t it is made entirely of white anymore and everything you may buy from Italian company Cassina can be converted for it at your own risk. Furthermore these kitchen look really amazing and will impress everybody your house with its clean design and stainless steel beauty.

Even the appliances are black and the cabinets have spotlights, creating a strong contrast with the white background. The materials used for this creation are 400 Pieces lacquered MDF technology and laser cut steel structures ad placed in dimnishes. This furniture creation o décor will impress everybody with its clean and modern design and its bright colors.

Modern Black And White Kitchens By Italian Company Pelotta Photo 2

Its interior looks simply like a hallway, with all sorts of little flowers and nice furniture that will help everything round out from this lovely picture. The objects placed in this arrangement are both black and white, modern and elegant. The kitchen worktop is the perfect example of modern and traditional kitchen worktop design. There is also a lot of wood used especially for the shelves and also for some of the cabinets.

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