In Pool Lounger For Sunbathing And Fun At The Same Time!

Every now and then, it’s nice to have a pool table and lounge chair where all nook-like lounge areas can be used in the same time. In case you’re having trouble deciding which design would work best for you, we’ve prepared a few pool lounging choices for you to consider.

Geometric designs.

These pool designs are highly graphical and sophisticated and they look great in all sorts of situations. For instance, these aren’t necessarily unusual or eye-catching but they look both simple and sophisticated. Use them in combination with other design elements to create a sophisticated and elegant design.

A very simple pool design you may be familiar with from polka dots. This one is, in fact, a hexagon. However, there are also many other designs like this one that are more abstract. It’s a simple pool with a round shape built around a spherical center. You can get this design as a gift to someone like celebrities in their birthday celebration and you can make it yourself from scratch.

Here’s a similar pool design. It’s basically just a long rectangle with four sides. It sits in a bottom trapezoid-shaped frame and it’s tall and thin, about 3 feet tall. The shape and size are a reference to the hexagon shape. A similar approach can be used for a matching dining table. This one is also available in a tall rectangular frame.

A cool idea can be to make a pool slide and become an outdoor sofa when you get home. You can purchase the piece and nothing more ornaments and decorations. The idea is also great if you want to put pool on a terrace or deck and use it during summer to create an outdoor feeling. Of course, it would still be useful to have a pool just steps from the house so you can turn it into a patio or lounge chair.

For this beautiful pool you can replace the need for a concrete patio. It’s actually a great idea because it leaves the pool airy and more spacious and it doesn’t need any maintenance. Just clean it up a bit and use it as you wish and it will automatically disappear when not used. And the best thing is that you don’t have to refill the pool.

The area around this beautiful pool is an ancient fountain. It’s actually a semi-submerged mini-pool and it looks very beautiful. Submeritator designed an underwater garden integrated into the swimming deck.

Flush back and create a very relaxing and serene ambiance, in case you’re planning to relax in the middle of another summer. Small water pools, all surrounded by vegetation, meditated by the blue of the sky or lined with the surrounding vegetation. In this case we can see whether a fairy-tale landscape, a deck or a fish-eye.

In the case of a swimming pool, it’s simplicity and linearity that allow it to also feel and look charming and also to blend in easily. There are several possibilities you can adopt in this case. If you want to turn this swimming pool into a romantic escape, the décor should be something beautiful like this one.

Enjoy a relaxing swim and see the stars and the blue water as well as everything around you. The sunsets and the long walks from the bedrooms can be admired from your swimming pool, offering you a wonderful view and making your stay even more amazing.

This contemporary house is also very well balanced. This one has steps, a gorgeous wooden deck and, of course, the sea. The views are just amazing and you can enjoy them from almost any room of your house as well as from any corner of the house as long as it’s indoors.

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