Creative Photo Collage Project By Elías Rizo Salas

We all try to Atulco Residency – located in Mexico City on a a very steep ramp – we all try to create the feeling of desert until we reach a huge and very beautiful mosaic which lets us take a peak down and over it to get a glimpse of the night. This next project – called Llano de la Sagradaía – is also really show stoic in its design and décor. Created by architect Elías Rizo Salados and designer Pablo Gomez, this beautiful contemporary house was designed for a family that wanted a mobile house/work place that would allow them to take advantage of the surrounding views.

The architects looked for a modern design that would allow them to create an unconventional home that was ready for the modern times. Of course, they managed to create that image by designing it in a way that brings together several different styles. Houses of old Marched Algarroboques that combined rustic and modern features are usually a part of a large variety of styles. This one is a mixture of vintage and rustic, each space has its own beauty and unmistakable charm.

Another modern building is the building designed by architect Alejandro Morrison, in collaboration with studio furrillo architekci. Located in Santa Moron, 111, in Chile, this house is a weekend retreat for weekend getaways for peace and relaxation. During the summer, the pavilions can be opened to warm up with a fire in the central room. A series of mobile wooden shutters allows the shutters to turn on/off at any time, and reveal or reveal more rooms. The house was designed to be shut down on rainy days and to face the elements during warm months.

Creative Photo Collage Project By Elías Rizo Salas Photo 3

This contemporary residence is located in Chile and was designed by studio Cielo.m.A.P. in light of the environmental benefits it offers its inhabitants. Besides featuring a variety of landscape views, this amazing house is covered with grass. Being lit from above, the house disappears into the landscape and it becomes a bright, airy and open space.

This is a micro home situated in a neighborhood populated with apartments that do not have a lot of vegetation in general. The exposed construction and the limited space available ensure that the architects had to come up with innovative strategy meant to save energy and resources.

The strategy was replicated using bricks, stone and concrete. All the areas in the house are connected through bicolas which allow the inhabitants to climb or to relax on all four levels and to admire the breathtaking views. The extensive use of glass ensures transparency throughout and allows the rooms to interact with the surroundings. The house is accessed through a set of stairs with side access on the upper floor.

The minimalism of design is also reflected in the overall layout of the house. The architecture is actually very simple. The rooms have very similar architecture and design throughout. The concept was to create a series of social spaces organized as a way to connect with the landscape throughout the different shared functions.

The house has a private central courtyard that serves as a connection area with all the functions on the level below. The trees are actually part of the fence that separates the property of this residence from the street and the building. As for the interior design, the ground floor is flanked with green areas in order to camouflage the exterior of the house and the wooden beams that cross the ceiling in the main living room.

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