Red Brick Fireplace Ideas – Perfect For Any Traditional And Rustic Home

When you can’t build on that house for more than a season, the brick wall tends to take over and only increase the value of the property. That leaves little value in the long gone, but there are some steps you can take to increase the value of your home. And we have some new ideas for you to try first. Red brick walls have become quite popular lately especially in rustic and farmhouse style homes. And they are easy to recreate as well as great for your unique traditional or country house.

One of the most popular areas to build on red brick walls is the fireplace. Since it is a functional fire place (with wood always handy) red brick walls are great for bringing a rustic or farmhouse touch to your house. Find a design or a rustic feel by tapping the wall or plumbing’s opening for some nice rustic ambiance. Once you have done this you are good to go!

And that is the best part about red brick walls: You can get rid of the layer of cobwebs everywhere and everyone will be wondering what’s left on the ground. Seriously, rustic and farmhouse chic folks love this trend. It’s fun and allows for you to create a special holiday style for the season ahead.

You might not realize how easy repurposing is, when you actually make use of these simple materials and have all the time you have investing in this decorative style. With holiday season there is no more difficult task that decorating. Use red brick to create original red brick fireplace and they will look just as festive as any else.

Small red brick walls will also add another layer of interest to a room. It can add interest to a family room, entryway or home office. It’s a great way to add color or pattern without having to switch to a bold color.

Using red brick to create a fire pit or wood burning fireplace is another easy way to stay classy. You can also get creative and add some color in an open plan living area.

These red brick (and wood) beds create just the perfect rustic look to a cozy family room or bedroom. Being on the outside already, it adds some color around logs and bricks but it’s still “on” for everyone – younger ones and those with a more adventurous tastes.

Using simple red brick red brick to create a fire pit or wood fireplace is a wonderful idea for anyone who loves to enjoy the rustic look while still being uber-cool. It’s an easy look, a beautiful idea. You can get creative with your design, though, and create a cozy sofa or fire bowl on a tepid chilly day.

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If you love the look of brick but don’t want to get lost when it comes to decorating, then decorate with some white fire logs. When it gets cold enough, just be outside and warm up with a glass of orange juice while the sun doesn’t shine all day long. (via designsponge)

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