Foldable Houses Made Of Wood And Glass

Everyone knows how functional and practical patio building can be. That is because of the numerous ways in which it can be incorporated in both indoor and outdoor spaces. It even takes up a lot of space. For example, take a look at this structure. It is made of wood and glass and has a very efficient structure.

The structure was designed and built by Van Der Wek, a famous name that I definitely don’t have in mind for my furniture or home décor. The fact that it is a glass house makes it seem essential in a certain décor. The structure is the perfect example in this case. It was designed as room becomes one and the glass façade goes perfectly with this. The interior seems to be integrated perfectly in the décor.

Foldable Houses Made Of Wood And Glass Photo 2

The roof is glass but the structure is not completely made up. It has taken the shape of a roof perfectly designed to let natural light get inside. The 360 degrees folded roof provide great views towards the terrain. The interior is simple but elegant and stylish. The wood frames create a warm atmosphere in the living room and dining area. A transparent glass table reflects the views and gives the décor an elegant look.

Foldable Houses Made Of Wood And Glass Photo 4

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