Tv Frame Designs From An Italian Company – Baumner

Nowadays everything must have a purpose. All sorts of things need to be analyzed in order to find out the real purpose it is for what it is being used for when you see a movie with your friends in the television. Even something which is purely decorative has to be kept or modified.

Blending the functionality with aesthetics, Giordessivo from Italy has a wonderful collection which consists of model shutters, bookcases and accessories. Their tendency is to blend decorative and practical elements in one another manner. Their ventilated screen adds a special touch to their look and was designed by Delphin Design.

If the shutters give a modicum of sophistication to a bookcase or magazine cabinet, they usually fit nicely in a variety of other designs and setups. However, the designs are usually even better when it comes to light bulbs. These large light pendants are somewhere between statement and fantasy. They manage to draw the eye up and to create a surreal atmosphere, especially if implemented on a thin wall. The Sputnik Rabbit bookcase has a funky design which combines some well-chosen colors in a way that takes the design to a whole new level. The collection also includes coffee and side tables with built-in storage for remote controls.

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