Lasvit Lights From Atelier D’Arkitekti

In another one of our articles we’re presented several lamps made from glass. This one is no exception. The light it’s producing is subtle and intimate and the design is very simple. Still, this doesn’t mean it’s less sophisticated than the other lamps presented so far. The stalks used to be stainless shell shades and they have then been treated with soap when placed on them. This way the color and texture stand out and becomes even more remarkable.

These chic lamp shades are produced from a collection of eight separate glass pieces that are not usually connected and have their own internal diameter. The collection includes two light bases and a mirrored mounting top. The materials needed for the project include the glass pieces, a light bulb, tape measure, copper tube, a plug-in lamp and a cord light. All the stalks have been coated with silicone to enhance the light resistance of the collection. The price varies between $1,395 and $10,700.

The five-piece series is available in several colors including chrome, black and white. This is the simplest of all and, in addition, it also has the advantage of being multifunctional. It has a base that rotates at a hihs spin which allows it to be controlled via a smartphone app. The price of the lamp is variable.It only comes in black.{found on dhd}.

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