Wall Hanging Table With A Rustic Wood Base

Even though we now live in a more contemporary world, we still enjoy having a place where we can go whenever you need to and to take a nap or relax. It’s what a relaxing and simple décor like this one. It has a very simple base that is made entirely of steel. This is something that was created to be in a contemporary environment but it can also be in any modern home.This is the type of table that is both functional and beautiful when used as a display unit. The base is made of massive wood such as the oak that was used for the sofas and the steel base has a lighter color.

So if you like the steel look for such a piece of furniture, you can purchase it now for only $499. Even though it look very similar to the real wood functioning dining table, this one is actually made of less than half of the piece. Even though it’s made entirely of steel, it still has the strength that a wood element needs, so no harm for the environment.

Wall Hanging Table With A Rustic Wood Base Photo 2

The table is available in many color choices and versions. So if you prefer one that’s also black or gray, the other colors are also available.

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