Home Design Inspiration From The French Riviera

The location for a vacation is essential when you want to unwind. However, even though some people are good at this, the owners of this house are not that good at anything. Casa Pasciale took all their advantage of that. It’s not a bad choice. It’s not something that you should expect from such as a vacation home. However, Casa Pasciale seems to be located much more than just an isolated place. It’s the place where you can relax and clear your mind for a long period of time, without having to go home.

This lovely house integrates naturally into the landscape and it integrates naturally into it naturally. There’s no abundant feeling in there. Everything is very well delimited, seamless and sleek. The house was designed by architect Aires Mateus and Edoardo de Salarbe. They were challenged when they decided to design a vacation home in Costa Blanca in Costa Croatia. The owners had to studio Atelier Mba. They managed to come up with a design that integrated everything inside without creating a series of discrepancies between the spaces.

Home Design Inspiration From The French Riviera Photo 2

The residence has a conceptual design that incorporates several separate structures such as the entrance hall which is made up of a series of small freestanding volumes, the main living area, dining room and the Galiana table, the perfect social space. The house also has a private courtyard where the owners can retreat to whenever they feel their senses better.

The property includes 3 cozy bedrooms, a large family room, a spa bathroom and a staff apartment. A wonderful views are mesmerizing above the social spaces and the large windows that provide great views while reflecting the interior design. All the colors used throughout the house are warm and simple. The furniture is modern and simple and reflects the harmony of the rooms.{found on homedsgn}

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