Cubbie Shelving By Anne-Marie Cuchet

Children realize that when they see a colored carpet they become more creative and try to think like their parents. They make many toys and play with them every day. They try to be more imaginative and imagination. It’s the period where they are trying to pass by by every interesting toy and find it with all sorts of shapes and sizes they can usually find when to use it. But if they have a kid they will always beaser to do something with the item without being frustrated if they do it yourself.

An alternative to the normal cabinet drawers and shelves is the cube shelving system created by Anne-Marie Cuchet. She created some very beautiful and ingenious shelving systems and put the drawers in the top units for maximum storage. Shelves are more presentable and they usually take very little space. Cabinet drawers can be placed anywhere in the house for more storage space and also for a more distinguished look.

I personally use it as a spice rack and I believe it is a must-have in this kitchen. Unfortunately we do not have a proper way to store those little compartments because we do not want to take up space when we have lots of things to store. So we need something very resistant, resistant to normal use, like kitchen stoppers. They keep the contents well stored and they look beautiful and modern. I personally think they are more appropriate for the kitchen or bathroom.

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