Austrian Houses For The Garden

If you want to experience French for a change you can really go to some fancy and original French architecture, but you don’t want to recreate the real thing. Chef Jean-Luc Laloux, owner and also designer of a huge state-of-the-art factory, superb design and great function, have designed the perfect combination to turn your ordinary dining room, dull and dull areas into a dreamy place.

With their successful combination of industrial and organic, this modern family bought a 300 year old old stone farm located at the foot of Napoleon’s hill, in Excelons, on the French Riviera. The building, resembling a church, has a plastered facade in very old fashioned style, which makes it almost “antique” even though the original historical value has been respected and the materials were being used to build the original barn.

With their 22 square meters of pure concrete space, there is no monument on the original architectural features, which have been mixed with a mixed ventilation system, meaning that there is no plumbing hanging system. So, you do have a small kitchen, but you have plenty of space for smaller things like the two wine cellar cabinets, pantry and a wood burning fireplace in the dining room. When you enter the building, you will notice that there is a difference in materials – mainly exposed and exposed brick, and various kinds of cement, zinc and lacquered white plaster.

The designer and contractor at this firm, Paul de Ruiter, who worked for this fabulous restaurant, chose for this restaurant a very pure and elegant material, which says a lot about it. It has simple and subtle lines, but also personality, modernity and class. If you want to see more details about the construction, just go to the restaurant on por organ in Milan.

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