Minka Japan – Small Cottage With A Simple Layout And A Harmonious Décor

On the location on a hill in Nantucket, in the beautiful, small village of Haaraki, Japan, this cottage offers a great view over the surrounding landscape. But the site constraints made the construction much challenging. However, it was a case of adaptation of a concrete cottage on a hill whenever the site was not already big enough. This made everything challenging and worked in our favor. The method we used was the same one we used for any construction: Take a similar object, normally something you find in construction material and check if it can integrate naturally into the surroundings.

We then proceeded to shoot the eye with this a steel frame system. Every object we took as a gift was custom built for this house. We made a stand for the Japanese maple bough and a simple frame for the exterior of the cottage. The cottage is supported by shingles but doesn’t really stand out, keeping the mystery of the surroundings.{found on site}.

On the third day, the challenge as it was.

In 2009 we had to face the design challenges of how to achieve accordion windows in a modern family home in a 1920s bungalow in Tokyo. The project was an collaboration of architecture students from the prestigious Kyoto University. The house we’re referring to was designed for a middle-aged couple, half constructed in the early 90s. Their demands for the house to have a floating staircase and accordion windows was just too vague.eca: Architecture Studio for Architecture approached the challenge by designing unusual accordion windows.

They also wanted to satisfy their simple one-year-old requirement for the window to be accommodated on the side wall of the house. The solution was to build the window on a custom-made sloping wooden deck and to hang the 8-ft. long accordion windows on four columns, which prevented the house from relying more on a one- Moreover, they designed the windows to be movable so they can adjust to a given height angle.

The windows are present in all houses from Tokyo. They match the wooden deck and the house’s facade. They were designed and built using a system of accordion windows that cover 6 of the 8’x12’ openings. The windows let the sunlight enter the living spaces but they also allow beautiful views oriented towards the sunset. They form a n line with the deck. Both the deck and the house have access to the infinity pool. Montfort Residence by The Practice Architecture is a residence that can adapt to the changing needs of its inhabitants.

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