How To Decorate Your Christmas Tree Using Pumpkins

Christmas is almost here and we start unpacking our Christmas tree and thinking about all the beautiful decorations and beautiful traditions we have. Perhaps it’s the desire of the owners and the producers to keep the tree updated year after year. I, too, wanted to design my Christmas tree to look original and as traditional as possible.So, I took out all the old and fresher decorations and I combined them with some really interesting and fun new decorations. Among them there are a black and white combination that really stands out and is not that easy to get right.

My idea was to make a stand for the iconic traditional Christmas Tree , that is I decided to make a really cool and colourful stand for the black and white Christmas Tree , which really looks just like the Tree trunks. This colourful and fun collection of decorations is perfect for creating a focal point in the tree shape. It brings a new perspective on the traditional tree and also celebrates the beauty of nature which is celebrating in the middle of winter.

All the items from this collection are available in variations , from a painted sealer to a satin glaze paint. For those who want to go down a bit more wooden, but for a modern simplicity I mean no paint and no embellishments.All the products from this collection are available here. You can visit it at amazon.

The idea is very interesting. Why a tree without any decorations? I really like those round wooden balls from the Christmas tree line. So why not try it with some colored Christmas balls, cut them in half and put them on a black wooden base and on a black wooden circle. It will be perfect for your Christmas tree. Another idea would be to buy a whole tree without decorations and make it special just by trying it with a black or a black colored part of it , made of a wooden circle and using a black paint. The result will be a rustic and unique Christmas tree.

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